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Baby Jogger Glider Board Review

Baby Jogger Glider BoardSmile = Top Selling

Baby Jogger offers a nice convenient accessory called the Glider Board. The Baby Jogger Glider Board attaches to the rear axle of any single or double stroller and provides an area for an older child to ride along.

The Glider Board can pull out or in (closer to/from the stroller) depending on the needs of the child, features a non-skid grid and conveniently stows out of the parent's way when not in use. It Holds up to 45 lbs.

Good things are the durability, smooth ride, storage solution and ease of attachment and the feature of being able to clip it up are fantastic as well. It also allows the angle of the board to be adjusted.

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This accessory is mainly good for shorter trips since the stroller tend to get a bit heavy with the extra load of a second child. Using a stroller with air tires will also better handle the extra weight/pressure the board adds.

It is compatible with the baby jogger city series and summit single and double models but it is possible to use it together with some other brands too.

With some strollers like the City Elite, you will need to adjust the handlebar depending on where you child’s chin and head hit. Having smaller children it is recommended to put the handle above them. The handlebar can sometimes hit older children in the head, so for them it is best to put the handlebar down. In that position pushing the stroller, while holding the handlebar under their arms is a better solution.

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Baby Jogger Glider Board  - Negative reviews

It is not recommended to use this glider board on strollers with too little space like the city mini single or city mini double and having short arms, it may also be a problem to avoid hitting the board with the legs.

Another thing to take into consideration is that this board is mainly useful for shorter walks. If you live in the suburbs and go for long/exercise walks, this might not be for you. On the other hand living in the city and using the stroller as the main source of transportation, this is a great stroller supplement.

Baby Jogger Glider Board  - Positive reviews

The Baby Jogger Glider Board is easy to install and has really good and solid wheels. When not used, it can be easily lifted up and most stroller’s folds without any problems with the Glider attached to it.

It works on most strollers that have space for a board between the handle and the back seat of the stroller.

I like that you can change the length of it so you can have it closer or further out from the frame, depending on the recline of the seat and how tall/ long armed you are.

The Baby Jogger Glider Board is a cool piece for your Baby jogger stroller, but remember to tell your children only to get off when the stroller is stopped.

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