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Chicco Cortina Travel System Review

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 The Chicco Cortina travel system includes Stroller, car seat and base and comes with either the Key Fit infant car seat, with a 22 lb. weight limit, or the Key Fit 30 infant car seat, with a 30 lb. weight limit.

When it comes with the Key Fit 30, it's called Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel system and with the Key Fit 22; Chicco Cortina Keyfit 22.

The Well-known Key Fit infant car seat is outstanding. It features an innovative latch management system, with easy belt routing and a spring loaded leveling foot and a fully reclining seat with 5-point harness that attaches to crotch, left and right hip + left and right shoulder. The Keyfit has one strap at the bottom of the car seat. Just give it a tug and all 5 harness points tighten equally at once. A thickly-padded infant insert gives extra support for a smaller baby around the head, neck, back and bottom.

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The Cortina stroller makes up the base of this travel system and weighs about 23 lbs. It has a 50 lb. weight limit, and this is better than most standard strollers. It features an adjustable handle and a decent-sized basket. The basket is big enough for an average-size diaper bag, and you can access the basket even when the seat is reclined but you won't be able to fit some shopping items under there.

The adjustable, removable canopy is water repellent. It also has a peek window so you can keep an eye on the baby while the canopy is down.

You can also swing open the front tray to let toddlers get in and out on their own. There is also adjustable leg support.

It is easy to fold/unfold the Chicco with the one-hand fold feature. Just grab the handle on the parent tray, squeeze and pull up on it.

Chicco Cortina Travel System  - Positive reviews

 Both parent and baby have cup holders on the Cortina stroller (They should have) but this is not always true with other travel systems.

The Cortina stroller is not as bulky as many other travel systems. When folded, the Cortina stroller is about 12x21x40, so it fits in almost any trunk or cargo area.

The memory recline feature is unique - it puts the seat back into the same position it was before when you unfold the stroller. This is very convenient when used with the car seat.

On top of that it is easy to clean, and the fabric choices are stylish. Taller parents may also find the stroller comfortable if they do not like walking at a fast pace with the risk of kicking the axles.

Chicco Cortina Travel System  - Negative reviews

The Cortina stroller is a bit heavy at 23 lbs., you may not relish loading and unloading it on a full day of errands and one hand steering becomes nearly impossible when the stroller is fully loaded.

The front tray release is hard to operate and sticks a bit sometimes.

The plastic wheels are certainly not made to handle off-road adventures regularly.

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Overall, you are getting a lighter, smaller, more stylish and safer travel system compared to others in the price range.

While the Cortina stroller won't handle like a more expensive stroller, it'll definitely tackle trips to the mall or park with relative ease, and with a much lower price tag.

If you need a stroller that can handle rough terrain on a regular basis, the Cortina probably isn't right for you.

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