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Choosing Between Stroller Bunting Bags

Maybe you enjoy skiing, jogging, or shopping downtown at Christmas time. The problem is that you need the proper gear for your infant, toddler, or preschooler, so your child doesn’t become chilled or damp in the cooler temperatures.

This is very important to think about because when young children get cold, it isn’t uncommon for sickness to follow – most people don’t want their child sick with a fever, cold, or an ear infection. This is why the best protection against the elements is stroller bunting bags, especially if your family is normally outdoors in cooler weather.

Stroller accessories like stroller bunting bags vary according to brand, but most of them have some universal features. Some of them will fit any age of child, whether yours is an infant, toddler, or a preschooler. The bunting bag should have the ability to fit a three- or five-point harness or convertible car seat. It should also easily attach to the stroller or car seat you are using, and if doing this is difficult, you might want to look at a different option.

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When considering which stroller bunting bags to buy, make sure you can easily get a child in and out. Then, look to see if the manufacturer considered other issues like wet boots or the ability to change a diaper. You want a bag that can unzip all the way down, making it easier to put your toddler’s feet in the bottom. The best is having a bag that can open to the very top and all the way to the bottom and vice versa. You also want to be able to remove the very top so you can uncover a child if they have fallen asleep.

3 Bunting bag safety tips!

  1. Don't use bunting bags together with a car seat if you are not able to fasten the seats 3 or 5 point harness correctly om the body. Bunting bags can be a suffocation hazard in this situation, if the bag covers the baby's nose or mouth. Instead tuck a thin blanket around your baby's shoulder or use a hat.
  2. Avoid overheating problems by checking the baby's temperature once in a while. A good bag should have zippers on each side to regulate the temperature.
  3. Always review the instructions for use and remember that baby's face should be visible to you at all times.

A quality bunting bag should have the ability to open up for an easy diaper change. The bottom can easily detach and open up for a quick change. This way you don’t have to take them totally out! The bottom can also unzip for slushy boots. Both of these are conveniences that are almost necessary with little children. It makes it so much easier to use.

It is important to select from quality stroller bunting bags, especially since this is what is keeping your baby or toddler warm. The material should be high quality but also flexible, thick, and soft. It should be water-resistant on the outside and have a high quality zipper. The inside should be very soft and hold up against dirt and stains. All of this is important to consider because you don’t want to end up with a bag that doesn’t last very long.

Smile Recommended stroller bunting bag 

7A.M. ENFANT, Blanket 212 Evolution

Patent pending, equipped with zippered length and width extensions, the "B212evolution" grows with your child from infancy to preschool. Versatile and durable, it adapts to any stroller or car seat and converts into a large blanket.

There isn’t anything wrong with enjoying activities outside when it is cold outside, especially if it is just a calm winter day. The issue is making sure your child is warm and cozy when they are with you. This is why it is important to take your time choosing between all of the stroller bunting bags. You want one that you will like for a long time!

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