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Stroller Bug Covers – Protect Your Child

If you have ever ridden on a motorcycle or driven a bicycle fairly fast, you might have been surprised by the number of bugs that get thrown into your face.

For that reason alone, you will find that most riders and drivers wear sunglasses or goggles to protect their eyes. Well, the same also happens to your child when they are in their stroller! They may not be old enough to complain about all of the bugs, but you will find that from time to time, stroller bug covers come in very handy.

5 Tips to avoid insect bites!

  1. Always keep food covered and clean it up if you spill something. This will prevent attracting insects.
  2. Try to wear loose light colored clothing that covers wrists and angels.
  3. Use good mosquito insect netting to cover the stroller.
  4. Do not stay close to pools of water. These can be breeding places for mosquitoes.
  5. Use insect repellent on the clothes not the skin. Rub it or spray it on.

The most obvious case for stroller bug covers comes with those parents who use jogging strollers. The faster you go, the more likely bugs will get to your child, and that isn’t healthy for your kid nor will it make them very happy. Most strollers today do not come with this type of cover, though some come with rain covers, but these are not the same. 

Are They That Different?

The primary difference between stroller accessories like stroller bug covers and rain covers is that rain covers are made from clear plastic and allow your child to see out while still being protected from moisture. On the other hand, stroller bug covers are made from material that is somewhat similar to mosquito nets, and they allow your child to see in, for you to see your child, and for the bugs to stay out. In addition, they allow for a great deal of ventilation, which is ideal on a warm day. You obviously go out of your way to protect your baby at all times, so keeping mosquitoes, bees, and other bugs away from them should be a consideration, especially when you are in a park, an area where there are a lot of bugs, or when you are out walking or running with them faster than normal.

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When you are buying stroller bug covers, you will usually find that it is a good idea to stick with the same manufacturer that produced your stroller. Especially if you have one of the big name strollers, you should have no trouble finding one that fits your model. There are covers designed for single, twin, tandem, and odd-sized strollers, too.

Because this is considered to be somewhat of a specialty item, you might want to shop for an item like this online, especially if you are looking for more variety and a lot more options. Although you might be able to find stroller bug covers in your local baby store, the truth is that they will be overpriced and you might not even find one that is specifically designed for your model.

Generally speaking, if you are looking for any accessories for your stroller, whether it is a jogging stroller or a traditional one, you will have a lot more luck by looking online. Most of the online stores now offer free or highly discounted shipping, and they have a greater variety of products in stock than your local store will for almost any stroller that you could imagine.

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