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Stroller Carry Bags for Jogging Strollers: What You Need to Know

Many parents have multiple strollers available for use, and these strollers are designed for different activities and uses in different locations.

For instance, the traditional travel system stroller is designed largely for indoor use, and it is perfect for taking with you on shopping trips to the mall and for other indoor activities. Jogging strollers are popular for outdoor activities. While they certainly are suitable for jogging and walking outdoors, many people also find them convenient to use for hike and bike trails, heading to the park, going to the zoo, and other outdoor activities. As you can imagine, there are stroller carry bags designed to be functional for each type of stroller. If you are searching for a bag for your jogging stroller, here are a few things to keep in mind:

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JL Childress Standard and Dual Stroller Travel Bag, Black

Fits Peg Perego, Phil and Ted's, Quinny Buzz, Bob Single Jogging Strollers, Graco Duo Glider, Metrolite and Snug Rider, Bugaboo, Joovy, Chicco, Combi and Combi Twin, Maclaren and Maclaren Twin and more
It has to be Weather Proof

Since jogging strollers are intended to be used largely for outdoor use, it stands to reason that you would want to look for stroller carry bags that are waterproof in nature. The fabric should be water-resistant to protect the contents from rain damage, and it is also helpful if the bag has a flap that can fold over the zipper for added protection of your contents. More than that, the bag will likely be used in a variety of temperatures, so you want a bag that is well-insulated to keep contents at a steady temperature as much as possible. Consider things like sippy cups and bottles, as well as even diaper cream and wipes, getting too hot or too cold.

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Most jogging strollers have a storage bin under the seating area that is unique in shape and size, and it traditionally does not conform to your regular stroller. Generally, jogging strollers have a longer and narrower bin, and so you want to find stroller carry bags that fit in a unique bin like this. The last thing you want is to have to leave some of the items you really need to bring outdoors with you in the car because they just won't fit in the storage space provided! 

Choosing the right fashion

You may be spending time outdoors, but that doesn't mean you can't look great doing it!

If you want to show off your fashion sense outdoors, you will want to take time to pick out stylish stroller carry bags. Choose those that match the color scheme and style of your stroller for a uniform look, or you can break out of the mold and choose a style or pattern that is really eye-catching. You should keep in mind that both parents may be using the bag, so you may want to choose a color and style that is unisex in design.  

Shopping for stroller carry bags can be confusing because it is often hard to know just what to look for. There are so many options to choose from! Yet when you keep these tips in mind as you shop, you will surely find the right bag for your needs and purposes.

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