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Stroller Handlebars Make a Difference

Smile Recommended Stroller Handlebar Console

BOB Handlebar Console

Features of the BOB Handlebar Console Includes two water bottle holders and a zippered storage pocket. Attaches easily and securely Compatible with all BOB single strollers.

One of the main components of a stroller is the handlebars. This is how you direct the stroller from one place to another. It is how you stop the carriage and make it go. Let’s just say if strollers didn’t have this necessity, users would have to manually control everything all of the time.

The stroller allows you to push your child, whether it is a baby or preschooler, from one location to another. Depending on the one you use, the stroller handlebars will vary. Some are extremely complex and perfect for different types of terrain, while others will have minimal features and won’t work in some situations.

5 Ways to Extend Stroller Handles

  1. Check the instruction manual to see if there is an adjustable handlebar on the stroller. If so, then adjust according to the instructions.
  2. Get a stroller handle or handlebar extender. Having an umbrella stroller you will want the former because of the separate handlebars.
  3. Be aware of any cautions and safety warnings.
  4. There is usually a form of clipping mechanism to install the handle extenders.
  5. Adjust the handles to make sure they are the proper height for you. Now, tighten down the wing nuts to keep the extenders in place.

Different types of handlebars

When looking at strollers, you will notice that there is definitely a difference between an umbrella and a double jogger. The umbrella can be purchased for around $10 and $15, which is pretty inexpensive. They can easily unfold and be put back together. They fit smoothly in a vehicle or storage space. Many use them for very short walks or for going to the mall, partly because they don’t work very well on different types of terrain.

Another problem is these stroller handlebars are curved and designed only to push. There aren’t normally any extra features, and if anything is placed on the handlebar, it could cause the stroller to tip over.

On the other hand, there are jogging strollers or convertible multiple strollers that have very in-depth handlebars. Many of these stroller handlebars are equipped with brakes, safety features, and wheel locks. The wrist strap is often attached to the handlebar, which allows you to run alongside the jogger and still get it to stop if it would get away from you or if you would trip. 

Adjustable Handlebars

If you are tall and your spouse is short, it helps if your stroller is adjustable. This means you can adjust the height of the stroller handlebars, and both of you can use it without hurting your back. This is a feature you will love to have on your stroller.

If the handlebar is adjustable, it is also possible that it is reversible. This means you can transfer it from one side to the other. This means you can watch your baby or toddler while they are riding along, which is especially nice when they are still just infants.

Deciding the Height for the stroller User

If you are using a stroller that allows you to adjust the handlebars, the goal is to make it as comfortable as you can. One way to decide the ideal handle height is to stand up straight and put your shoulders back. Your arms need to be at your side, and then you should bend your elbows so your forearms are completely parallel to the ground. The distance between the floor and the hands is the height at which you will want to place the stroller handlebars.

Some people purchase more than one type of stroller for different situations, and then they can pull out whichever one is needed at the appropriate time.

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