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Why Stroller Mesh Bags Are Always a Great Gift

When you have a baby, you are generally given a lot of gifts for the baby but few that actually benefit the parent. One of the most unique gifts that you could give any mother is something that is fairly new to the baby market – stroller mesh bags.

Smile Recommended Stroller Mesh Bag

J.L. Childress Cups 'N Cargo Stroller Organizer

The Cups 'N Cargo is a functionally designed universal stroller organizer for diapering, feeding and personal needs.

These are bags that are specifically designed for a stroller and meant to hold everything and anything that a mother could want. 

Mesh bag features

There are certain specifications that almost all stroller mesh bags have in common and that you should also look for when you are shopping for them:

  1. Stroller mesh bags absolutely need to be sturdy. You might find other types of mesh bags, but if they aren’t designed for a stroller, then they probably aren’t strong enough to handle the daily wear and tear that a parent will put that bag through.
  2. Everything that gets near a baby or toddler will need to be washed at some time or another, and when it comes to holding a whole bunch of baby gear, you know that stroller mesh bags are no exception. It is absolutely essential that the bag you buy is able to be machine washed, or it may only be used for a very short time.
  3. It is important that there is a clear and easy way to attach the bag to the stroller. This can be done with hooks, straps, loops, or other devices, but it should fit on any stroller easily and also be able to quickly be removed.
  4. Ideally, the bag should be expandable and able to hold larger items and should also have one or more zippered (and preferably waterproof) pockets for smaller items that might slip through the mesh of the bag.
  5. Some people prefer mesh bags that have solid bottoms for a little extra security while carrying heavy items, while other people prefer mesh bags that are mesh throughout so that they can see all of the contents at all times.

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Perhaps the best thing about stroller accessories like stroller mesh bags is that they are virtually weightless and when you are pushing a baby in a stroller around, with everything that you are required to take with you, you will certainly appreciate the fact that the bag is not adding to the weight of the stroller.

If you own a brand name stroller or are buying stroller mesh bags for someone who does, then you might want to stick with the same brand name that they are already using. That being said, you can get a much better deal by buying mesh bags (that are still designed specifically for strollers) from other companies. In this case, you won’t be buying the brand – you will be buying the functionality.

When you are shopping for these bags, you will immediately find that the prices are a lot lower online, whether you are buying name brands or not. In addition, there is a wider selection of styles, colors, sizes, and functions.

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